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What Are the Fundamental Word Chum Rules?

A game’s initial word must cross the middle star square. Following that, each word constructed must have at least one letter that is next to a letter played in a previous turn. All new letters must be next to one another and on the same vertical or horizontal row. You can also use cheat for word chums. If a tile is next to more than one letter already on the board, it must create a legitimate word vertically and horizontally.

Star of verbal power

Every acceptable word has at least one star. When the current word’s points are 25% or more of the best word’s score, you’ll see two stars. Three stars indicate that the word on the board represents at least half of the greatest potential score for that turn.

Word count

The word point badge indicates that it is a legitimate word. If the badge becomes green, it means that the word is at least 50% of the best that can be performed. For example, if your greatest potential score on your turn is 60, the badge will turn green if your score is higher than 30. A green flag indicates that you discovered a term that ranks in the top half of the potential scores. To get big win you can use cheat for word chums

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Optional Turns

  • Hint depicts a square that can be utilised to form an excellent term. The clue square will be crossed by the word in the direction of the arrows. When you locate words, the suggestion will improve. You may utilise just one suggestion every turn.
  • Bomb creates seven new letter tiles: When your points are low and the badge is already green, or you simply don’t like your lettering, use bomb.
  • After you are satisfied with your term, press play. Play transmits your message to your opponent, who then takes their turn.
  • Pass is used to bypass a turn. It’s usually employed towards the end of a game when you can’t locate a place to play a letter. A game is over when three consecutive passes are made. For example, you pass, your opponent passes, and the game is done.
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